Hellhound was a villain who took part in Roulette's Metabrawl, an underground, cage fighting club, run by Roulette.


Hellhound appears in the Justice League Unlimited animated series in the episode, "Grudge Match." He was one of the participants in the illegal fight club called Roulette's Metabrawl. Hellhound was pitched in Roulette's cage matches against another villain, Shatterfist in a battle with very few spectators. As Hellhound faced Shatterfist, he won the first blow, knocking Shatterfist backward with the back of his hand. Shatterfist was thrown against the side of the cage, but soon was circling Hellhound again. Hellhound lunged at Shatterfist, swinging his fists, but Shatterfist dodged the first blow, then leaped out of the way of the second. Hellhound proceeded to lunge at Shatterfist once more. Missing, Hellhound faced Shatterfist again as members of the audience yawned. Shatterfist lashed out at Hellhound with his leg, but Hellhound stepped out of the way. Shatterfist leaped into the air and tried to kick Hellhound again, but Hellhound moved quickly to the side. Their match was obviously viewed by the audience as boring, as several of the spectators booed and jeered at Hellhound and Shatterfist. Ignoring them, Hellhound and Shatterfist circled each other around the cage. Watching the match from above, Roulette muttered that the match had turned out to be a disaster. She was even more disgusted when she viewed the bets: Four bills and some loose change, which she dumped onto the floor at her feet. "That's it?" She demanded. One of her henchmen told her nobody was betting. Meanwhile, back in the cage, Hellhound and Shatterfist stood at opposite corners, continually beckoning to each other. Looking down at Hellhound and Shatterfist, who were still beckoning to each other, she replied, "Who can blame them?"