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Solving one of The Riddler’s puzzles, Batman and Robin track the villain to the Peale Art Gallery; here they find the Prince of Puzzlers holding a gun on the proprietor, Gideon Peale, and apparently stealing a valuable cross from him. But when the Dynamic Duo stops the Riddler’s hold-up, they learn that his gun is actually a lighter, and that the cross is in fact his own property. The Riddler immediately summons a team of lawyers, who promptly hand the Caped Crusader a subpoena - Riddler is going to sue him for false arrest! Unless the Dynamic Duo can uncover the Riddler's plot before the case comes to trial, Batman will be forced to reveal his true identity in court.





  • The Batusi
  • Riddler real name Edward Nigma {Riddle} is never given in the series. In the second part of The Bookworm episode when Batman and Robin are trapped inside the giant cook book, Commissoner Gordon remarks that Riddler is the best safecrackker there ever was-this is the only clue on Riddler start into crime
  • Despite being one of the Big Four of Supervillians besides Joker, Penguin and Catwoman, Riddler cartoon version never appears in the cartoon treaser-although the cartoon verions of the other three do appear. Likewise he never appears in the Batcave althuogh in the movie "The Adventuers of Adam and Burt" he does try with catwoman to blow up the dyamic duo in the Batcave!


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