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Plot Edit

To the confusion of everyone, that black bird of prey, The Penguin, campaigns for the office of Mayor Of Gotham City! He endears himself to Gothamites by preventing a robbery, saving a baby in a runaway carriage, and donating $100,000 to a city charity! Gallus, C.F. Rooper and E.G. Trendek arrive with the latest polls, which show massive support for Penguin, and The Batman sees that the only way to clip this conniving bird's wings is to run for mayor himself. While The Caped Crusader launces a rather tasteful, low-profile campaign, The Penguin proceeds in the opposite direction, going all out in overshadowing Batman with loud bands, a belly dancer, pretty girls, and free champagne! Later, when Batman and robin sre scheduled to appear before the Grand Order Of Occidental Nighthawks (G-O-O-N!), they wind up confronting Penguin's G.O.O.N's, instead. The Dynamic Duo are quicky overpowered, bound and tied, and finally suspended on one side of a giant scale (emulating The Scales Of Justice!) over a scalding vat of sulphuric acid! The other side of the scale is filled with blocks of ice suspended over a giant heater; as the ice melts, The Duo comes closer and closer to the acid bath!



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