Holly Wood
Holly Wood
General Information
Real name: Unknown
First Appearance: Shadow of the Bat #56
Created by: Alan Grant
Affiliations: Dr. Jason Woodrue (Boss)
Eva Green (Accomplice)
Abilities: None
Portrayed by: None

Holly Wood was a henchwoman of Dr. Jason Woodrue.


Holly Wood was a henchwoman for the Floronic Man hired to spring Poison Ivy from Arkham, in Shadow of the Bat #56. She is first seen telling Victor Assetti's henchman "Eva Green and Holly are protecting the dealers". Later, they send a basket of flowers to Poison Ivy with a message in the Victorian language of flowers. At night Eva and Holly use a growing potion in a stalk under Ivy's window that grows and breaks the asylum wall. They take Ivy to an abandoned subway in Waters Road, but Ivy refuses and attacks; she takes punches both from Holly and Eva. Poison Ivy holds their arms and injects deadly toxins in them.

In Shadow of the Bat #57, Floronic Man treats them and they are seen beating Batman until he is knocked out. In Shadow of the Bat #58, she and Eva get their money while Batman is fighting Floronic Man, but he surprises them and they are last seen knocked out.

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