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Glued to a railway track with epoxy adhesive, Batman and Robin are saved when Alfred, on hearing of their peril through the radio, throws the short-circuit lever of the Battransmitter; this causes Batman's radio to explode, melting the epoxy on his wrist and enabling him to use his Batlaser to free himself and the Boy Wonder mere seconds before the train passes through the station. Returning to Commissioner Gordon's office, the Dynamic Duo deduce that False-Face is planning a bank robbery in which he will replace real money with his own fake bills. The two heroes hide in the bank vault, surprising False-Face and his cronies when they break in; the master of disguise and Blaze manage to escape in the Trick-Truck, but Batman and Robin chase them to Bioscope Movie Studios. Here False-Face discovers that Blaze has a crush on Batman, and that it was she who sent the radio message that alerted Alfred; he takes her hostage and then leads the Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder on a long, winding, chase around the movie sets.




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