As the train barrels towards our heroes, Alfred hears a strange transmission on the radio that alerts him to the Dynamic Duo's peril. He contacts Batman who requests that Alfred throw the short-circuit lever of thhe Battransmitter, causing Batman's radio to blow up and melt the epoxy on his wrist. He uses his free hand to reach The Batlaser in his utility belt, which he uses to melt away the remaining epoxy and free himself and Robin just as the train passes through the station and by our heroes! Batman and Robin return to Gordon's office at Police HQ and deduce that False-Face will attempt a bank robbery in which real money will be replaced with his own fake bills, so that the only money that will be any good will be False-Face's ill-gotten gains. (After all, who would think of telling the real tender from the fake?)The two heroes secret themselves in the bank vault, surprising the villains. False-Face and Blaze escape in the disguised Trick-Truck but are pursued by The Dynamic Duo to Bioscope Movie Studios. False-Face, discovering Blaze's crush on Batman (she was the one who sent the radio message earlier), holds her hostage and lots of mayhem ensues in and around the matchstick movie sets. False-Face blows up Batman's clever inflatable Batmobile as the chase through the movie sets continues, ending with False-Face disguising himself as a cowboy to slug it out with Batman. One last diversionary smoke screen and out pops a fake Commissioner Gordon. Batman sees through the disguise and rips off this last false face, and takes the protean criminal off to jail. Blaze reforms and goes off to become a shepherdess with her brother.


Batman faces The Catwoman!




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