"Crossbow at the Crossroads, Part Six"Edit

On the island of Capri in Italy, Mustafa Ibn Hassan has just heard that his father, the Chairman of Kufra was murdered by the Huntress. He turns on the Italian ambassador, blaming him for failing to protect his father, but knowing that with both Moretti and his father dead, the Huntress may come for them next. The ambassador assures him that they will have her arrested, but Ibn Hassan will pay a billion Euros to see her dead.

Meanwhile, Helena her escape via car, along a seaside road, but finds herself in a traffic jam when the local police begin checking all of the cars for her. Rather than be caught, she leaps out of her convertible, and runs away. Whipping off her belt, she loops it around a telephone wire, and uses it as a zip-line down to a private dock. She steals a boat, and rides away.

After confirming with Alessandro that Mustafa Ibn Hassan has take refuge on Capri, Huntress scales the steep cliff leading up to the hidden villa. Assuming that the windows will be rigged for alarms, she tries climbing up through one of the drainage pipes beneath. After some squirming around, she surprises the guards above by leaping up from the pool filter.

The next morning, Mustafa wakes to find Huntress sitting across from his bed. She aims her crossbow at him, and he begs for his life, promising that he is not the same man as his father. Huntress does consider that he may be of use to her if he is left alive, and she warns that if he or any of his men lay a hand on another girl, she will track him and kill him. On the subject of the bounty he placed on her head, she challenges him to a bet. If no one can collect on it in a year, he must donate two billion euros to charities for abused women. If he keeps his promises, she won't kill him.

At the airport, Helena dodges police hoping to collect on the bounty, but she does so with difficulty. That is, until she sees her saviour: Karen Starr. Kara grabs her by the waist and flies her over to her own private jet, bought with her billions amassed with Starrware Industries. She is happy to reunite with her old partner once more.


"Crossbow at the Crossroads, Part Six"Edit



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