ISO Field Generator Rings
General Information
Official name: ISO Field Generator Rings
First Appearance: Batman Beyond
Creators: {{{creator}}}
Type: Weapon
Used by: Repeller

The ISO Field Generator Rings were devices that created a diagravitational protective aura which repelled all matter, although sound could somehow still travel through the field. It also had an incorporated oxygen device that recycled the CO2 into breathable air. This way, the bearer could sustain any aggressive environmental condition. The Rings were created and developed by Dr. Blades and Dr. Suzuki to improve the life quality of those born without their own immune system.

Dr. Suzuki eventually sidetracked from the purpose of the Rings, and decided to use them for personal profit. He enhanced the potency of the Rings with power-boosting circuitry and incorporated the Rings in a suit, becoming the Repeller.

Sighting Edit

Batman BeyondEdit

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