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The luxury liner Gotham Queen, carrying Professor Isaacson and the world renowned skating queen Glacia Glaze, encounters an iceburg, which is containts the hide out of and is controlled by Mr Freeze. Glacia Glaze it turns out to be Mr Freeze's accomplice.

Mr Freeze kidnaps Professor Isaacson and demands that he reveal his secret formula for an instant ice ray, but the professor won't do so.

Batman after using the batcomputer, deduces that Glacia Glaze is Mr. Freeze's accomplice.

Mr Freeze moves his hideout to a location under the Bruce Wayne Ice Arena and then sends his homing seal to Police Headquarter with a note demanding that Bruce Wayne makes a televised broadcast at midnight saying that Mr. Freeze will be paid a ransom. Also, Batman and Robin will need to ready at midnight to act as intermediaries. Commisoner Gordon calls Batman while Chief Harah simiulationusly calls Bruce Wayne.

Bruce Wayne arrives at the Ice Arena, with Aunt Harriet to attend the ice review featuring Glacia Glaze. Soon afterward, he receives a phone call from Dick Grayson, and after using an anti-eavesdrop batplug, is told that by Dick that he has brought the remote Batmobile phase advancer. Bruce then instructs him to remotely bring the Batmobile to the back alley behind Police Headquarters and to put their costumes in some rental lockers outside of Commissioner Gordon's office.

Bruce Wayne and Dick Grason arrive at Police Headquarter and Bruce pretapes a telecast for Mr Freeze. Just after the two depart, Batman and Robin make their appearance and receive the briefcase full of dummy money for Mr. Freeze. Batman gives Commissioner Gordon a small echoing seal pulsator, which he says may help them later. As Batman has already deduced the whereabouts of Mr. Freeze he and Robin head there without waiting for Mr. Freeze's instructions.

Batman and Robin arrive at Mr. Freeze lair just as he beginning to watch Bruce Wayne's telecast. Mr. Freeze attempt to use his freeze gun on the dynamic duo, but it proves to be useless as they are wearing their super thermalize bat skivies. and, Mr Freeze's henchmen subdo the caped crusaders and toss them in the vaporizing pipe pump cabinet.




Behind the scenesEdit

  • Series last Batclimb, with the Carpet King.

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