Iman Avesta
Iman Avesta
General Information
First Appearance: Batman: The Enemy Within:
The Enigma
Affiliations: The Agency
Portrayed by: Emily O'Brien

Special Agent Iman Avesta was a member of the Agency and an employee of Amanda Waller. A fan of Batman, she got to meet the vigilante in person when she was selected to help find and dismantle a criminal organization called the Pact. However, after being held hostage by one of its members, the Riddler, Iman suffers the consequences of one of Batman's actions.


Iman Avesta was born and raised in Gotham. She stated that her father owned a corner store in the shadow of Gotham Stadium, where she spent most her childhood. Eventually joining the Agency, she was assigned to become the field analysis for one of their subjects, the Riddler. She, along with her partner, Vernon Blake, would track down the criminal to various places, such as Sudan, before finally catching up to the criminal in Gotham. Avesta was also a fan of the vigilante Batman and, according to Amanda Waller, deduced his true identity of Bruce Wayne.

Batman: The Enemy WithinEdit

The EnigmaEdit

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Iman was first introduced to Batman during the clean up of an attack on the Virago, a casino owned by arms dealer Rumi Mori. She handed a psychological file to him, asking to provide her with information about why the criminal had carried out the attack. Avesta also asked Batman whether he was interested in the criminally insane, recording his reply within a profile she was making for him.

The next morning, she and Blake visited Bruce Wayne's office, hoping to speak to the billionaire about a person of interest. As she prepared to knock on the door, it opened to reveal the billionaire and Lucius Fox. Whilst Fox left to investigate something for Wayne, Avesta and Blake interviewed the billionaire about his connections to Doe, as well as his association to other criminals, such as Lady Arkham, the Penguin and Two-Face. As she accused him of being a criminal, Wayne's reply was interrupted by a safety alarm. At Bruce's suggestion, she and Blake left. They were unaffected by the explosion.

Nearly two weeks later, Avesta, Blake and two other Agency operatives received information that the Riddler was operating on a barge called the Lady of Dublin. She decided to accompany them and arrest the criminal together, wanting to impress Batman, but ended up captured along with Blake and her colleagues. Iman was held in the center of the ship and was the first hostage Batman tried to rescue when he attacked. However, shortly after being freed, the floor beneath them dropped and they were placed inside a giant cage.

The Riddler appeared and revealed that he had created a special game for Batman, having heard about the vigilante's reluctance to kill or let innocent people suffer. He asked Batman to solve three riddles, each of which were easy and would, if answered incorrectly, result in an agent's death. However, for each time Batman got a riddle correct, he and Avesta would be bombarded with ultrasonic blasts. Knowing that she would likely die after three, this game was to force Batman to save three agents' lives at the cost of one's. Depending on Batman's decisions, two possibilities will happen.

Batman refuses to comply with the Riddler's game, allowing one or two agents, including Blake, to be killed. Knowing that he will find a way out, Avesta distracts the criminal long enough for Batman to figure out a way to escape the cage. Upon realizing what is happening, Riddler fires an ultrasonic blast to stun them, but Batman is able to put himself and Iman into her former cage, protecting them from a missile's blast he tricked the device into firing. Iman watches as Batman defeats the Riddler and saves Gotham by redirecting the missiles into the Gotham river. Following this, she mourns the loss of Blake and/or the other agent, blaming herself for what had happened.

Batman complies with the Riddler's game to save the other agents, answering two of the three riddles correctly and allows himself and Iman to be blasted twice. Knowing that he will find a way out, Avesta distracts the criminal long enough for Batman to figure out a way to escape the cage. Upon realizing what is happening, Riddler sends the third ultrasonic blast, stunning them and deafening Iman. However, Batman is able get them both into Avesta's cage, protecting them both from a missile from the Riddler's launcher. Iman watches as Batman defeats the Riddler and saves Gotham by redirecting the missiles into the Gotham river. As she thanks him for saving her and her colleagues, she realizes she is deaf when she can't hear either her own voice or Batman. The vigilante can either reassure or embrace her.

The PactEdit

Depending on what happened in the previous episode, Iman's involvement in the episode will change.

If Batman chose to save Iman, she will continue to work for the Agency, despite the trauma she went through and, if he chooses to call Waller, help him out of the rubble following his fight with Bane. After either Gordon or Waller finish talking to him, she meets with him and thanks him for saving her life. Depending on who Batman chose to call, she will either tell him about Waller's actions after learning about what he did, advising he worked closely with the Agency, or compliment his choice. As she leaves, she tells Batman to take care of himself.

Iman later appears in the Stacked Deck and makes her presence known to Bruce. She tells him to follow John to get closer to the Pact and be careful.

If Batman chose to save the Agents' lives, Blake will tell him about her condition when he either checks on him or saves the vigilante. During their final meeting before he goes undercover in the Pact, Waller also told him about her condition and that she had put her life in danger to impress the vigilante.

Fractured MaskEdit

After Batman learnt about SANCTUS and their role in the creation of a biological weapon, Iman was brought into Wayne Enterprises with Waller to discuss details about the true purpose of the Agency's investigation. She stood by as Waller fired Gordon from the GCPD after attempting to arrest Wayne, though interrupted him as he tried to argue with her. If Batman chose to save her fellow agents, Iman is now wearing hearing aids to restore her lost sense. After the conflict, she and Waller waited outside, allowing Bruce to talk with Tiffany Fox. Whilst waiting for Tiffany to leave, she talked to the director, worrying that they might be pushing Bruce a bit too much.

When Bruce called them in, Iman listened as Waller told him about SANCTUS and their history with the Agency. She revealed additional details about the organization, including how one of the previous directors had attempted to shut it down, but it had only gone underground as a result. They shared a plan with Bruce to lead the Pact to attack the lab, allowing the Agency to use the chaos to neutralize both. As the meeting finished, she promised Bruce that they would have his back and help him out if needed.


On the surface, Iman seemed to be friendly and was able to sympathize with other people. She seemed to have an interest in psychology, particularly both the Riddler and Batman's. However, she was willing to make accusations to learn more about a person, as she did with Bruce Wayne. When her fellow agents' lives were on the line for hers, Iman asked Batman to go along with the Riddler's twisted game, even though it meant that she would likely die in the process. If he did so, she will show her gratitude, but will be traumatized by the loss of her hearing. However, should Blake or another agent die, she showed signs of survivor's guilt, believing that she could have been able to stop them from investigating.


Bruce Wayne/BatmanEdit

Avesta claimed to be a fan of Batman, though it's unsure whether this was just a claim Waller had told her to make. She was grateful when the vigilante saved her and her fellow agents from one of Riddler's traps, going as far as thanking him for doing so. Even if Batman refuses to go along with the Riddler's game, resulting in one or more of her fellow agents deaths, she seemed not to blame him for her friends' deaths.

Waller also claims that she was the one who deduced he was actually Bruce Wayne. This is supported by her following him at the Stacked Deck, knowing that he was going undercover into the Pact, and her being present during a meeting between Waller and Wayne, during which the director referred to him as his alter-ego.

Vernon BlakeEdit

Avesta and Blake were co-workers and partners in the agency, having worked together to locate the Riddler. She seemed to trust him, listening to his advice to check out the criminal's ship without calling for backup. After Blake's death at Riddler's hands, she would blame herself for listening to his advice and getting him killed.


  • Iman is an Arabic name, translating roughly to "faith" or "to be faithful", whilst Avesta is the name of the religious texts of Zoroastrianism, a religion popular in Iran and India. This implies that Iman probably has heritage in the Middle East.

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