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Incident at the Flugelheim

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Incident at the Flugelheim
General Information
Location: Balcony, Flugelheim Museum
Media: Batman
Result: The following occur:
  • Neither victory.
  • Rescue of Vicki Vale.
  • Death of innocent bystanders.
"Wait a minute Alfred, I'm not meeting her today."
Bruce Wayne[src]

Events SurroundingEdit

Napier, now calling himself "The Joker", kills Grissom and usurps his criminal empire. His first scheme is to spread terror in the city by creating hygiene products that can kill by fatal hilarity when used in certain combinations, laced with a deadly chemical known as "Smilex." Following the death of a News Anchor on-air, the city becomes paralyzed with fear.


Making war on several fronts, the Joker then sets a trap at the Flugelheim Museum of Art for Vicki, with whom he has become smitten; his fellows start to slash and deface the entire legacy of Western Art, but as Bob approaches to Francis Bacon's Figure with Meat, the Joker stops him saying "I kinda like this one". The Joker then tries to disfigure Vicki Vale with his 'very special flower'. At this point, The Batman descends in a shower of glass via the window ceiling and saves Vicki.

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