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General Information
Real name: Unknown
Aliases: TBA
Portrayed by: Shannon Kenny
Appearances: Batman Beyond
Justice League Unlimited

Inque is a female shape shifter from the animated series Batman Beyond. Appearing as a normal woman she can change into a featureless liquid black form. She has total control of her liquidized body, which is extremely handy whenever she needs to slide under a door or ooze into a secured area. This is why she is a corporate saboteur with an extreme high salary. Water will weaken her, but not kill her.


2017007-260px inque new earth 002
Inque in human form
The result of a clandestine mutagenic experiment, Inque is a treacherous shape-shifting femme fatale. She has the ability to transform from her natural human form into a pitch-black, semi-liquid state, in which she can slip through the smallest crack, mimic any object, or harden herself to deliver a mean wallop in a fight.
Inque (New Earth) 001
Inque's shape shifting form
Inque's knack for sliding under doors and through narrow air vents made her a perfect corporate saboteur for hire, an occupation that had Interpol on her tail for years. More recently, she was briefly captured and frozen by Batman and the elder Bruce Wayne, the effects of which briefly left her in a state where she could not return to her human form. Inque has set aside her usual job to dedicate herself to shutting the pair down for good.



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