Insurgency Batman
General Information
Real name: Bruce Wayne
First Appearance: Injustice: Gods Among Us
Affiliations: The Insurgency
Portrayed by: Kevin Conroy

In the Regime Universe, Batman was a crime fighter in Gotham City, and later the public leader of the Insurgency.


He frequently quarreled with the criminal mastermind known as the Joker, although despite Joker's actions, he refrained from killing him. This ultimately came back to haunt him when Joker decided to fight and corrupt Superman instead. After the Joker managed to steal a nuclear bomb and forced Superman to kill Lois Lane and destroy Metropolis via the nuke, Batman presumably managed to capture Joker and brought him over to the GCPD to interrogate him. However, he eventually witnessed an enraged and grief-filled Superman angrily murder the Joker for his actions and losses by impaling him with his arm. With the rise of the Regime, he disowned his son Damian Wayne after the latter unintentionally killed Dick Grayson in a rage, and Batman himself ended up having his back broken by Superman. Realizing how dangerous Superman had become, Batman, alongside then-allies Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Hal Jordan, and Green Arrow, created a Kryptonite-powered laser that would weaken Superman, avoiding the risk of Batman having to break his one rule, as well as use their biometric coding to act as locks for the weapon. In order to further ensure that Superman does not discover what he was planning, he also lined the Batcave with lead to ensure Superman's X-Ray Vision did not uncover the weapon, and further disguised the casing as a piece of the wall. However, many members of the Insurgency, including Catwoman and the keys to the weapon (exempting Green Arrow, who was instead killed by Superman just as he tried to inform him that his actions are becoming far too extreme), betrayed Batman, and Batman was forced to adopt his superhero identity permanently due to Superman exposing Bruce Wayne and Batman as being one and the same on Twitter. By the time of the main events, his only allies were Lex Luthor (a friend of Superman's and secretly the Insurgency's financier), Harley Quinn, Left with no other options while leading the Insurgency, Batman eventually dragged the Prime Universe's equivalents of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Hal Jordan, and Green Arrow into the Regime Universe via a trans-dimensional teleporter, although he unintentionally dragged the Prime Universe's equivalent of the Joker and himself along as well. He then encountered Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan, and Green Arrow in Gotham and brought them to his hideout, with Aquaman, due to Regime Ares' actions, being teleported there shortly thereafter. He also went to Harley's gang, where she attempted to convince them to let Prime Joker join them, but Batman refused, realizing he was just as evil as the one of the Regime Universe. He then had Joker placed in a prison cell, and broke into Wayne Manor alongside his Prime counterparts to retrieve the weapon, although they had to contend with Killer Frost and Solomon Grundy. He then led them to the Batcave and retrieved the weapon. However, thanks to the Regime counterparts of Black Adam and Wonder Woman, the weapon ended up irreparably damaged, with even Lex Luthor's resources being ill-equipped to restore it. He later encountered the Prime Dimension's Cyborg after he accidentally teleported to the Regime Dimension in an attempt to draw them back to the Prime Dimension, also explaining the situation to him after defeating the Regime Dimension's equivalent of Deathstroke (as he overheard them discussing their plan to stop and possibly kill Superman, not realizing that Superman in the Regime Dimension was evil). Regime Batman and Green Arrow were dispatched to infiltrate Stryker Prison to rescue Prime Batman after he had been captured, and ordered for Harley Quinn to act as a distraction against the Regime forces inside Metropolis, although unknown to him she was in the middle of freeing Joker due to her reborn infatuation for him, while Cyborg disguised himself as his Regime Counterpart to infiltrate the Watchtower alongside Deathstroke and teleport them out, while Hal Jordan and Aquaman handled the forces inside the prison. However, hitches occurred in the plan after Deathstroke set the watchtower to self-destruct before Cyborg had a chance to fully access the teleportation equipment as well as both Catwoman (who claimed that she had defected to the Regime to save Batman) and Nightwing (whom Green Arrow initially thought was Dick Grayson until both Nightwing and Batman corrected him and revealed he was actually Damian Wayne), and Raven (who forced Green Arrow to turn against them with her demonic powers, with Green Arrow retaining only enough control to warn Batman as he's rescuing Batman). He is nearly blasted by Raven until Prime Batman knocked her out. They are then cornered by Superman, with Batman trying to reason with Superman that his actions are far too extreme, and cited he himself suffered personal tragedy, though Superman told him that Batman wasn't the gun that caused the tragedy in question, unlike Superman. The two Batmen and Green Arrow, after a few tense moments due to the teleporter being delayed, eventually managed to escape just before they hit the ground. He eventually received word that Lex Luthor had died trying to stop Superman, and that Superman was going to destroy both Metropolis and Gotham City and invade the Prime Dimension (the latter from the Regime Dimension's equivalent of the Flash, who had defected to the Insurgency after witnessing both Superman's plans to harm his subjects and his murdering Shazam in cold blood for speaking against the plan) and considered having the Prime Universe counterparts escape back to their dimension and destroying the interdimensional transporter to buy time for them to prepare for Regime Superman's impending invasion of the Prime dimension, although the Prime dimension counterparts refused the plan, with Prime Batman proposing they bring over the Prime Dimension's equivalent of Superman to stop the Regime Superman. However, Bane, the Regime equivalent of Cyborg, Killer Frost, the Regime equivalent of Hawk Girl, and Solomon Grundy invaded the headquarters, with Wonder Woman disappearing due to Ares' influence. Eventually, Regime Batman and Prime Batman got into an argument about how to proceed with the plan, with Regime Batman being convinced after a fight that they bring over Superman, partly because Prime Batman doesn't actually know how to use the device. He then, while noting that it isn't technically accurate, welcomes Superman back into the fold. He then reconvenes at the Fortress of Solitude after Prime Superman defeated Regime Superman, while declining the latter's request that they kill him, as too many people died due to Superman's actions. He then saw them off after they restored order.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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