James Gordon
James Gordon (Telltale)
General Information
Real name: James Gordon
First Appearance: Batman: The Telltale Series
Affiliations: Batman
Harvey Dent
Sgt. Renee Montoya
Portrayed by: Murphy Guyer

James Gordon is a commissioner in the GCPD; one of the few incorrupt in Gotham. He is a reluctant ally to Batman, who considers him on of the few uncorrupted cops in the city.


Before he was an officer at the GCPD, Gordon was a member of the United States Marine Corp. After receiving an honorable discharge, he joined the GCPD as an officer, at least nineteen years before Batman operated in Gotham. At some point before the events of the game, he fathered a daughter with an unnamed wife, whom they called Barbara. He was also promoted to Lieutenant and put in charge of the Special Crimes Unit by Commissioner Grogan, to deal with increased criminal activity. At some point, Gordon became aligned with the vigilante Batman, though was distrustful of the vigilante and his methods. He also earned the reputation as "the only good man" on the force, due to his stance against criminals like Carmine Falcone and his organization.

Season One

Realm of Shadows

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Gordon and officers at the GCPD arrived at Gotham City Hall, after receiving an alarm from the Mayor's office. Upon arriving, they discovered the corpse of a security guard and summoned the elevator. Upon seeing the floor number decrease rapidly, he realized that the brakes had been severed and ordered his men to get away from the elevator, moments before it crashed down. Gordon then received a call from Batman, saying that he was going in. Gordon and a number of officers, including Sargent Renee Montoya, rushed up to the roof, where they witnessed a fight between the vigilante and a cat burglar, who had stolen something important to the mayor. After Batman had confiscated Catwoman's items, one of his officers shot at Batman, causing Gordon to scold him for doing so.

Gordon, along with a task force of officers, raided Wayne Manor, seizing many of the documents related to Wayne Enterprises, on order of Mayor Hill. Gordon openly voiced his disapproval of having to do this, as Wayne was supporting Harvey Dent's campaign for mayor, especially with Harvey's reputation as District Attorney.

Gordon was later called to a crime scene near in the Gotham Docks, where some officers had gone missing. Arriving with Sgt. Renee Montoya, they discovered the remains on many of their own and mercenaries, one of which had be obliterated in an explosion. Here, the player has the option to choose how the scenario plays out.

Batman stays behind to talk to Gordon and to relay information he collected though interrogating a sniper he located on the scene. He then leaves him and Montoya to arrest the man and conduct their own investigations. Gordon will also take notice if Batman chose to break the sniper's arm

Batman leaves the scene, but the sniper is found hanging upside down. Gordon quickly deduces that the Dark Knight was here and orders Montoya to look around. He briefly sees the vigilante, though he disappears before he can act.

Gordon is later considered by Bruce to supply information that he collected on Falcone's organization, which he collected from a drive he collected from Catwoman. However, his butler Alfred suggests he gives it to reporter Vicki Vale.

If Bruce gives it to Gordon, he will thank him for giving the information, but refuses to ask where he got it from. However, he states that it will not affect the investigation into the Wayne family and their ties to Falcone. He then leaves to return home, having returned from the crime scene at the Docks.

Children of Arkham

After Falcone's arrest, Gordon was put in charge of monitoring him and making sure that no one met with him. However, following a request from Harvey Dent to let Bruce visit him, Gordon reluctantly agreed, but was suspicious of Bruce enlightenment of the allegations against his family. As Bruce talked with Falcone, Gordon waited outside with Dent, but let his guard down long enough for Montoya to break into the room and kill Falcone. After she was subdued, Gordon was forced to take her into custody.

Gordon and Bruce closely monitored her after the arrest, hoping to interrogate her once she woke up. He himself didn't believe Montoya had murdered Falcone willingly, due to her loyalty to him and the department. As Dent arrived to deliver the news, the two argued to their different approaches: Gordon wanted to investigate the murder whilst Harvey wanted to cover it up to prevent controversy about the GCPD. When Falcone's lawyers arrived, the two left to deal with them and left Bruce with Montoya, asking him to tell them if she said anything. Upon arrival back, they found that she had awoken and comforted her. Bruce may also tell them about what he managed to find out from his own investigation.

Shortly after his interrogation of Hill, Batman tipped off Gordon that the person who had coherence Montoya into killing Falcone was planning to attack the Mayoral debate that very night. Gordon set up patrols around the Monarch theatre, the venue for the event, and set himself upon the roof of one of its nearby buildings, where he was met by Batman. Depending on actions taken during the pervious episodes, Gordon will either praise Batman for his action, ask him to stop the violence against criminals or tell him that the partnership between them is over, due to the actions with Hill and Falcone. When Catwoman appeared, Gordon almost raised his gun at her, but talked down by Batman. At the vigilante's suggestion that they might have been compromised, Gordon radioed in to check on his men. Unable to receive an answer, Batman and Catwoman entered the Theatre to check on his men whilst he prepared to enter the Theatre.

Shortly after the Children of Arkham released footage of Thomas Wayne and Hamilton Hill unlawfully committing Esther Cobblepot to Arkham, Gordon and the GCPD initiated a raid to stop the attack. However, they were held up by Blockbuster and the group's mercenaries. This left Batman and Catwoman alone to try and stop Penguin, who murdered Hill and tried to kill Dent. Depending on who Batman saves, events will play out differently.

If Batman chooses to save Harvey, Gordon is able to get him to safety whilst his men open fire at Batman and Catwoman. Shortly after these events, Gordon meets with Wayne whilst he visits Harvey in hospital.

If Batman chooses to save Selina, Gordon stops them from opening fire at Batman as he tries to stop the Penguin, who escapes in the commotion. Gordon arrives to find Dent disfigured, ordering paramedics to take him to Gotham General.

New World Order

A week after the events of the debate, Gordon decided to organize a temporary truce between Batman and the GCPD. Mounting a search light with Batman's symbol onto the roof of the building, Gordon lit it up, hoping to get the vigilante's attention. As he hoped, Batman arrived. Gordon informed him that Montoya, who had been forced to take leave following the murder of Falcone, has gone rogue to follow up on Intel leaked about the Children of Arkham transporting chemicals. He asked the vigilante to find and help her. At the same time, Gordon received word that Dent had left the hospital for his first day as Mayor, worrying that he may come under attack from the Children of Arkham. Batman must then choose whom he will save and who the GCPD must help.

Batman chooses to save Harvey Dent whilst Gordon and the GCPD help Montoya. Telling units to go to Arkham island, Gordon and the officers encounter heavy resistance from the Children of Arkham, with the deal proceeding successfully and one of the officers being kidnapped (later used for experimentation and killed by the group). Feeling responsible, Montoya hands Gordon her badge whilst Batman tells him that they have compromised the GCPD's communications. At first disbelieving, Gordon tries to contact one of his officers, only to hear his own voice on a Children of Arkham member's radio. Batman discovers that the group are using Wayne Tech and orders him to tell the entire department to remove all electronics from the company.

Batman chooses to save Renee Montoya whilst Gordon and the GCPD help Dent. Telling his units to converge on Dent's last known location, they eventually find him, but surrounded by Children of Arkham members. Though they are able to pull through, Gordon considers the group to have beaten them. Their inability to intervene also leads to Dent killing a member in self defense. Whilst telling Batman about the situation, the vigilante tells him that the GCPD has been compromised. At first disbelieving, Gordon tries to contact one of his officers, only to hear his own voice on a Children of Arkham member's radio. Batman discovers that the group are using Wayne Tech and orders him to tell the entire department to remove all electronics from the company.

Gordon later contacts Commissioner Grogan and tells him of the situation. Though Grogan is reluctant to get rid of all the Wayne Tech devices, as it cold cripple the GCPD's operations, he agrees with him and the GCPD remove all tech.

Guardian of Gotham

After being imprisoned in Arkham Asylum due Lady Arkham's manipulations, Bruce can contact Gordon during a riot caused by another inmate. He tells him of the situation and promises to testify for Montoya for Gordon. Following this, Gordon sends the proper documentations to release Wayne from Arkham Asylum.

That same day, Gordon received a tip from Batman of a double murder in Gotham's suburbs. Arriving at the address with the Montoya, who had rejoined shortly after the GCPD was compromised, and a number of officers, he discovered Batman and an unnamed boy. After having officers take the boy away, Gordon investigated the crime scene, disgusted at the brutality of the murders. After learning that victims were the Vales, Batman told him they had been murdered by their adopted daughter Vicki, who was actually Lady Arkham. Gordon also learned that they were stockpiling the groups chemical weapon in a warehouse owned by Mr. Vale.

As Batman left, Grogan arrived, who berating Gordon for working with the vigilante and accused him of tampering with evidence. As he continued to investigate, Gordon handed over the evidence he discovered to Grogan. However, Dent, now insane due the effects of a dosage he had received during the attack at the debate, seized the evidence and sent men to blow up the warehouse. Depending on a choice made by Batman/Bruce to visit Harvey, what happens to Gordon will change.

If Bruce Wayne visits Harvey, Gordon somehow travels to Crime Alley, where he discovers some men trying to execute Wayne. He confronts the man/men before he/they can go though with it. Thanks to Bruce's interference, Gordon is able to shoot them dead, without injury. The two discuss what has happened to Harvey and ways to prevent him falling further or harm coming to Gotham. As Gordon leaves, he offers Bruce a ride, but the billionaire declines, having another method of transport.

If Batman visits Harvey, he orders his men to capture Gordon and execute him. Taken to Crime Alley, Gordon is saved by Batman, who knocks the assailants out. When Batman confronts him on how Dent got a hold of the information, he reveals how the Mayor threatened Grogan into giving the information. Agreeing that something needs to be done to stop him, Batman suggests that he should rally the GCPD together, get Grogan to help them or focus on stopping Lady Arkham. As Batman departs, Gordon comments how he's glad the vigilante is on his side and departs to perform the action suggested.

If Batman chooses to stop Dent, Gordon and the GCPD will arrive to take him and his men into custody. Upon asking advice on where to take him, Batman can tell him to send him to Blackgate Prison (where murderers deserve) or Arkham Asylum (in the hope he can be helped). Gordon will then depart with his men.

City of Light

Depending on the choice made in the previous episode, what happens to Gordon will be different.

If Batman chooses to stop Penguin, Dent will attack the GCPD following Grogan's objections to his actions. During the attack, Gordon is shot, but manages to get to the roof and activate the Batsignal, in the hope that it will call Batman. When cornered by Dent's men, the vigilante saves him and the two work together to stop the attack. They are able to defeat Dent's men, but Grogan is killed after sacrificing himself for Batman. Showing concern over the Commissioner's death, Gordon is forced to bring the GCPD under control. He later checks himself into a hospital to check out his injuries. Later, Gordon, following a tip from Batman, sends his forces to capture the Children of Arkham and bring the Asylum under control. He is later check out some time after the Arkham riots.

If Batman chose to stop Dent, Gordon and the GCPD work with the vigilante to stop the Children of Arkham. After Grogan is killed in an attack, Gordon receives a tip from Batman that the man who organized the attack, the Penguin, is at Cobblepot Park. After an number of his officers are killed trying to get into the park, Gordon meets Bruce Wayne, who offers to distract Penguin whilst he sneaks in to disable Penguin's tech. Depending on dialogue choices made by Bruce, Gordon can successfully sneak in and destroy the Black Box or be discovered, leaving Bruce alone to destroy it himself. Afterwards, Gordon promises to tell Gotham what Bruce has done and has his officers take Penguin into custody.

Gordon later receives a tip from Batman about the Children of Arkham's plans and, with most of the force, goes to the Asylum to arrest the group and bring its riot under control. During this, he discovers Batman being attacked by one of the inmates and saves him by shooting the inmate's hand. With the distraction, Batman knocks him out and the two prepare to take on the other inmates, whom they have attracted the attention of. As the GCPD storm the hall, Gordon tells Batman to stop Lady Arkham whilst they deal with the other members and asylum inmates.

In the week following the Asylum's riots, Gordon is given the position of Acting Commissioner, in light of Grogan's death. Hoping to help the city, he asks that the city's elite stand by him. Depending on the choice, Bruce can either go as himself or as Batman.

If Bruce chooses to go as himself, he meets Gordon shortly before the speech. If he unmasked himself to Lady Arkham, Gordon will notice the missing chunk of ear, which Bruce brushes off as having cut himself shaving. Gordon offers support following Harvey's fall from grace and tells him how his influence is more powerful, following his assistance in stopping either Dent or Penguin. He also mentions on how he wishes Batman was here to see this.

As the speech begins, Gordon complements how citizens have come out to help the city. He also tells the city about how Bruce is one of such and offers the billionaire to come out. As Wayne delivers his speech and announces his plans to either help fund the GCPD or to improve Arkham Asylum, an assassin tries to attack them by driving a van into them. Gordon will save Bruce if he is unable to react quickly and will order the assassin to be taken to lock up if he is knocked out.

If Bruce chooses to go as Batman, he will meet Gordon in an alley as he prepares for the speech. Despite reservations he has about his new role as Commissioner, he is encouraged by Batman that he will do well. The vigilante tells him that he will support him and help both the GCPD and Gotham anyway he can. He can also give Gordon a message to pass on to the city. He then leaves as Gordon tries to ask him a question.

Following this, Gordon complements how citizens have come out to help the city. He also tells the city about Batman is one of such and tells them the message he was asked to pass on. However, an assassin tries to kill him by driving a van at him, but he is saved by Batman, who has been watching over his speech. If Batman is able to knock out the assassin, Gordon has his men take him to lock up.

Season Two: The Enemy Within

The Enigma

During the year after the Children of Arkham's defeat, Gordon made an official partnership between the GCPD and Batman, which cut down crime in the city to an all-time low. Despite the City's counsel not backing his decision, many officers and citizens approved of the truce between Gordon and the vigilante, especially with how safe Gotham had become in the time frame. Gordon was also given the title of Commissioner permanently, due to these factors.

When the Riddler returned to Gotham, Gordon and his officers helped Batman when the Virago casino was attacked by the criminal and his men. Gordon would go through either a frontal assault or use tear gas to try to subdue Riddler's men, depending on what Batman suggests. As he tried to free Rumi Mori from a trap, Gordon was almost crushed by a falling statue, but this was caught by Batman. He also showed his surprise when Amanda Waller and "The Agency" arrived to help clear up the mess.

When Batman found a puzzle box left by the Riddler within the remains of the statue, he showed it to Gordon. Having worked at the GCPD during Riddler's heyday, he told him what he knew about Riddler's operations. Gordon was also present during Batman's first meeting with Waller, though was chasized for his use of the chosen method of infiltration and had the department insulted. Batman can stand up to Waller and defend Gordon, should he choose to. When Waller left to organize a detail on Mori, Gordon recommended him not to give any evidence or information over to Waller, believing that they would be able to get the Riddler themselves. He then left as Iman Avesta and Vernon Blake arrived to interrogate him.

A week after the death of Lucius Fox, Batman met Gordon after uncovering a lead on the Riddler. With the Agency now in control of one of his precincts and city hall not giving him the funds to patrol the East End, where Batman believed the criminal to be operating out of. After narrowing down the locations, they left to investigate the last one, a water tower on the end of the 44th street. After deciding whether they should report it to Waller, they headed there to investigate. If Gordon was told to tell Waller, he will be thanked for the "cooperation", but she will not be able to join them as she was currently in a meeting.

Upon arriving at the water tower, Gordon and Batman were trapped inside. Deciding to investigate further and try to find a way out, they discovered the corpse of Special Agent Mario Hernandez, who had been killed following a failed attempt to solve one of Riddler's death traps. Gordon helped investigate the room and solve the puzzle, using an agency issue stun pistol to briefly deactivate a sonic emitter. After they did so, Riddler contacted them via speaker and told them about his past. Gordon also learned about Batman's connection to Lucius Fox when the Riddler used it to mock the vigilante. After they escaped, Gordon lets Waller know about her missing agent and called for reinforcements. He also confronted Batman on Fox's death, something he can admit to having partial involvement in. Regardless, the trust between them was damaged, but not completely fractured.

Depending on who Batman chooses to interrogate about the Riddler's location, the following will happen to Gordon.

If Batman chooses to confront Mori, Gordon's trust in Batman remains the same, due to his choice to not comply with Waller and investigate independently. After arriving at the Lady of Dublin, he discovers Batman standing over Riddler's corpse, after the criminal was shot with a poisoned dart. When he learns about it, he comments how the two will be in serious trouble with Waller, only for the director to appear. She removes the GCPD to leave the case and demotes Gordon to deputy officer. Despite this, he promises Batman to still work with him and help wherever possible.

If Batman chooses to comply with Waller and interrogate Knable, Gordon's trust in the vigilante is completely broken. After arriving on the Lady of Dublin to find Riddler dead, he blames Batman for this catastrophe and professes that he has lost trust in the vigilante. When Waller arrives, she tries to justify the vigilante's actions and takes control of the operation away from Gordon. As they leave to discuss "details on the investigation", Gordon tells Batman that the partnership between him and the GCPD is over and that they will no longer be working with him.

The Pact

To be added....


Gordon had been a member of the GCPD and, despite the state of the city, kept away from corruption deeply seeded within the department. Although tough on criminals and other officers, he was willing to help others and put himself in danger rather than let other officers or civilians die. Gordon would also support the people closest to him in times of trouble, such as trying to help Montoya when she was drugged into killing Falcone. He was also extremely loyal to the city, which fuelled his partnership with Batman.


Bruce Wayne/Batman

It is unknown whether Gordon or Bruce Wayne knew each other before the scandal with his parent's ties to Falcone and Hill. However, the two became closely associated during this and the Children of Arkham's reign of terror, during which Bruce can give Gordon information about Falcone's enterprises, testimony for being drugged and showing his support for the new commissioner after his appointment. Gordon would also work with Wayne, allowing him to see Falcone in custody and save his life from Dent's enforcers.

Gordon was also closely associated with Batman, the two having began a alliance before the attack on the Mayor's office, but it is unknown the circumstances for their partnership. Depending on actions taken by Batman, Gordon can either approve of the vigilante and his methods or distrust him, if he uses violent means or other violent actions. However, during the Children of Arkham's attack and the GCPD being desperate, Gordon set up an uneasy alliance between them and would use Batman's help when required. During Dent's fall to insanity, Gordon would come to see Batman as a force for good and, after the defeat of Lady Arkham, continued to hold it for another couple of months. When Amanda Waller arrived, their relationship can change, depending on whether Batman cooperates with the Agency.

Harvey Dent

Gordon's relationship with Harvey Dent was purely professional, but they would cooperate whenever they needed to. Gordon also respected the district attorney, especially with his stance against corruption and making his convictions stick. Despite this, the two were willing to criticize each other, with him taking issue with Dent covering the truth or overcomplicating facts. When Dent was driven mad by the Children of Arkham's drug, Gordon worried he may never be able to listen to reason and wondered whether bringing him in was the most viable option.

Amanda Waller

Gordon and Waller had a difficult relationship, due to their conflicting views on law enforcement and how it should be handled. Due to the Agency's methods of brutality and using unethical operations, Gordon believed Waller and the organization used too much power and was reluctant to work with her. After Riddler's death, Waller would take over law enforcement in Gotham and, if Batman interrogated Mori, demote Gordon, believing him to be misusing Batman. However, if Batman chooses to operate with the Agency, Gordon's views would stop working with him.


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