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James Gordon
James Gordon (Telltale)
General Information
Real name: James Gordon
First Appearance: Batman: The Telltale Series
Affiliations: Batman
Harvey Dent
Sgt. Renee Montoya
Portrayed by: Murphy Guyer

James Gordon is a lieutenant in the GCPD; one of the few incorrupt in Gotham. He is a reluctant ally to Batman, who considers him on of the few uncorrupted cops in the city.


James Gordon was a police officer in the GCPD. Promoted to Lieutenant by Commissioner Peter Gorgan, he was one of the few cops in the city who was not affiliated with Carmine "The Roman" Falcone, earning him the title as one of the few "good men on the force". At some point before the events of the game, he father a daughter with an unnamed wife, whom they called Barbara. He also became aligned with the vigilante Batman, though was distrustful of the vigilante and his methods.

Episode One: Realm of Shadows

NOTICE: The events described impacted by the player's decisions. This is only a brief summary of the events that take place. Decisions made and their impacts will be show either in italics if a single decision affects the subject of the article or tabs if both decisions affect it.

Gordon and officers at the GCPD arrived at Gotham City Hall, after receiving an alarm from the Mayor's office. Upon arriving, they discovered the corpse of a security guard and summoned the elevator. Upon seeing the floor number decrease rapidly, he realized that the brakes had been severed and ordered his men to get away from the elevator, moments before it crashed down. Gordon then received a call from Batman, saying that he was going in. Gordon and a number of officers, including Sargent Renee Montoya, rushed up to the roof, where they witnessed a fight between the vigilante and a cat burglar, who had stolen something important to the mayor. After Batman had confiscated Catwoman's items, one of his officers shot at Batman, causing Gordon to scold him for doing so.

Gordon, along with a task force of officers, raided Wayne Manor, seizing many of the documents related to Wayne Enterprises, on order of Mayor Hill. Gordon openly voiced his disapproval of having to do this, as Wayne was supporting Harvey Dent's campaign for mayor, especially with Harvey's reputation as District Attorney.

Gordon was later called to a crime scene near in the Gotham Docks, where some officers had gone missing. Arriving with Sgt. Renee Montoya, they discovered the remains on many of their own and mercenaries, one of which had be obliterated in an explosion. Here, the player has the option to choose how the scenario plays out.

Batman stays behind to talk to Gordon and to relay information he collected though interrogating a sniper he located on the scene. He then leaves him and Montoya to arrest the man and conduct their own investigations. Gordon will also take notice if Batman chose to break the sniper's arm

Batman leaves the scene, but the sniper is found hanging upside down. Gordon quickly deduces that the Dark Knight was here and orders Montoya to look around. He briefly sees the vigilante, though he disappears before he can act.

Gordon is later considered by Bruce to supply information that he collected on Falcone's organization, which he collected from a drive he collected from Catwoman. However, his butler Alfred suggests he gives it to reporter Vicki Vale.

If the player gives it to Gordon, he will thank Bruce for giving the information, but refuses to ask where he got it from. However, he states that it will not affect the investigation into the Wayne family and their ties to Falcone. He then leaves to return home, having returned from the crime scene at the Docks.

Episode Two: Children of Arkham

Episode Three: New World Order

Episode Four: Guardian of Gotham



Bruce Wayne/Batman

Harvey Dent


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