Janet Scott Batchler
Batman Forever - Janet Scott Batchler
General Information
Birth Name: Janet Scott
Birth Date: February 5, 1956
Birth Place: United States
Batman Media: Batman Forever

Janet Scott Batchler is an American writer and director. Batchler wrote the script of the third Batman movie, along with her husband Lee Batchler. She met producer Tim Burton and together they agreed that the screenplay should have focus on the duality of Batman. The Batchlers were hired by Burton and new director Joel Schumacher and their original script introduced a psychotic Edward Nygma accompanied by a pet rat. They wrote the character with Robin Williams in mind, who read the script and loved it, but without reaching a deal with the studio.

The final script was revised by Akiva Goldsman, but much of the story elements and dialogue of the Batchlers remained in the finished film.

Other works of Janet Scott Batchler include My Name Is Modesty, and Pompeii.


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