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Joker's Funland
General Information
Official name: Industrial District
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham City (2011)
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sol
Planet: Earth
Country: United States of America
State: New Jersey
Locale: Gotham City
Arkham City
"Welcome, inmates. You are now taking your first, tentative steps towards a better world. A world of fun, mischief and best of all, a world where the only person you need to answer to is yours truly."
―The Joker[src]

Joker's Funland was the base of operations of The Joker and Harley Quinn in Batman: Arkham City, comprised of the former Industrial District, particularly Falcone Shipping and Sionis Industries.


Batman: Arkham CityEdit

Upon being imprisoned within Arkham City, the Joker, Harley Quinn and their gang of clown thugs completely overtook the Industrial District of Old Gotham within the new megaprison and transformed it into a demented amusement park. The warehouses that formerly belonged to Falcone Shipping became storage for the Clown Prince of Crime's arsenal as well as home to his army. The Steel Mill that formerly belonged to Sionis Industries became the Joker's personal headquarters, containing Joker's Fun House in the old Manager's Office, where he stayed in total seclusion from the outside world whilst recovering under Harley Quinn's care.

Falcone Shipping had been rendered completely abandoned after Mayor Sharp completely chased Carmine Falcone and his crime family out of Gotham City. Sionis Industries stolen from him, Black Mask was initially left without a base of operations within Arkham City, just as he was powerless without a gang, most inmates being gang members working for either the Joker, the Penguin or Two-Face; however, he later partnered with the Riddler and made his headquarters a warehouse with a freight train. The two relied on various double agents and traitors within the three top gangs as their own henchmen while they took advantage of the ensuing threesome war between Joker, Penguin and Two-Face to distract anyone from their own respective agendas.

Joker's Funland was by far the largest gang turf in Arkham City, consisting of an entire district filled with the Joker's seemingly endless supply of clown henchmen. All around the amusement park-like fortress were decorative flashing lights, circus themed structures such as giant metal nutcrackers and wooden clown faces, ice cream trucks that members of "Joker Enterprises" used to travel around the city and defunct carnival attractions. Within "Joker's House of Fun" was the "Ghost Train", a deadly system of locomotives that Joker forced prisoners to ride either as a form of torture, execution or to prove their loyalty to his gang, also acting as fast transport for clown reinforcements on the inside. Batman infiltrated the Steel Mill to confront the Joker twice while in Arkham.

The first time he entered Sionis Industries, Batman was incapacitated by Harley Quinn and briefly taken prisoner in the Manager's Office, having been set up by the twisted duo. There, he was poisoned when the Clown Prince of Crime transfused his own diseased blood into him, forcing the Dark Knight to pursue Mr. Freeze in order to acquire a cure for them both. Later, Batman entered Joker's Fun House a second time to retrieve the cure that had been stolen by Harley, facing off against the Joker (actually Clayface in disguise), his numerous gang members, his army lieutenant Mr. Hammer and a Titan henchman in combat. It was mostly destroyed by bombardment from TYGER helicopters after Professor Strange initiated Protocol 10, and Joker's Funland as a whole was heavily damaged as well, but left relatively intact.

Harley Quinn's RevengeEdit

After the death of the Joker and Arkham City being shut down almost immediately after, Joker's Funland was evacuated of its thugs, including Harley Quinn; however, she soon managed to escape the temporary facility she was being kept in and rallied Joker's old gang back together. She led her army back to the abandoned Industrial District, painting over the sign at the entrance in red to read "Harley's Funland" and turning the entire area into a mourning ground for the deceased Joker, banners with his face on them and reading various messages such as "R.I.P. Mr. J" and "Joker Forever" hung on many structures.

Most of the carnival-themed lights in the stronghold remained dimmed, giving it a less vibrant and more depressing atmosphere. The thugs were also redesigned to have clothes boasting Harley's classic black and red, diamond jester theme. There were also multiple forms of graffiti drawings of things such as "HARLEY RULES", cartoon symbols of Harley's mischievous smiling face and threats against Batman added. Harley also made use of the Ship Yard within Sionis Industries, expanding her base beyond the Steel Mill, though it is unknown if the Joker had also made use of the Ship Yard during his reign.


"Welcome to Mr. J's Carnival. You must be 74 inches tall to ride. Guests with heart conditions, vertigo or who are not trained in martial arts should not ride. Please keep arms and hands moving at all times. Park is not responsible for any damage, loss or injury to the neck, back, face, ribs, skull, spleen or other vital organs. Enjoy!"
―Harley Quinn[src]
  • An altered version of Joker's Funland was featured as a DLC Challenge Map for those who pre-ordered 'mArkham City under the name The Joker's Carnival. It was an arena fenced in and surrounded by bumper cars, flashing lights and various amusement park rides with carnival music playing in the background. In it, the player must fight a never-ending onslaught of the Joker's clown thugs as well as other inmates and gang members while the Joker spectates from the sidelines.
  • In Joker's Carnival, it is actually the real Joker present spectating and fighting instead of Clayface, as his body shows a skeleton in Detective Mode, though he is shown as healthy rather than sick as in the story. He watches and comments on the player's performance in the brawl, sitting on a bumper car from behind a fence; if the player reaches a x100 hit combo, he will climb over the fence and join the fight. When fought, he can be K.O.'d before the other enemies unlike in campaign due to the fact that enemies continue spawning endlessly until the player is K.O.'d or runs out of time.
  • Joker's Fun House also appeared in the Challenge Maps under the name Funhouse Brawl.
  • The Ship Yard was not featured in Arkham City, being introduced for the first time in Harley Quinn's Revenge, which is a DLC expansion and the final chapter to the game's story. The Ship Yard is located just beyond the Steel Mill along the Arkham City wall.
  • Oddly enough, there was a Ferris wheel within Joker's Funland, even though it was located in the Industrial District rather than Amusement Mile, which is usually the site of a Gotham City amusement park and Joker's favored location for a base instead. It is possible, though unconfirmed, that Joker Enterprises made use of the Falcone Shipping cranes and moved the Ferris wheel after taking up residence in Arkham City. This would not be surprising, given the numerous details of construction the gang undertook in forming their base.


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