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Joker Goon Car
Joker car
General Information
Official name: None
First Appearance: Batman
Type: Automobile
Used by: Joker Goons

A Joker Goon Car was a car driven by Joker's Goons. The cars were 1978 Dodge 3700 GT sedans painted in the Joker's trademark colors; purple and green. The body was purple, with both the hood and tire rims green. Multi-colored lights were strung around the rear window, and fuzzy dice hung from the rear-view mirror.


When Batman and Vicki Vale fled from the Flugelheim Museum, Joker ordered his Goons to pursue them. Batman had parked the Batmobile in front, near the two Goon Cars and Joker's Van. When Batman and Vicki raced away in the Batmobile, the Goons piled into both of the Goon Cars and followed in pursuit.

The chase caught the attention of the GCPD in two patrol cars. The GCPD quickly maneuvered to follow the three cars. The first Goon Car collided into a truck carrying large metal pipes. After the second Goon Car smashed into the first, several of the pipes, along with cases of vegetables from a street vendor, fell on top of the two cars.

The second car managed to pull away, and raced away from the GCPD, to pursue the Batmobile again. The second Goon Car passed the Batmobile, which had then been parked with its security shield plating up. Four Goons piled out of their car to kill Batman, who had fallen from a great height to save Vicki.

Behind the scenesEdit

I am Christian Wolf-La'Moy the owner of both Jokers cars and stunt driver in the cars on the movie. I in fact supplied two Dodge 3700 GT cars for this film. I bought the cars in Spain. Both cars were used in the film. In the big stunt crash one of the Dodge cars was damaged so we had to replace it with a Malibu.

  • The license plate number of the first Goon Car in pursuit: R-J5-P-1A (1979 Chevrolet Malibu)
  • The second Goon Car's plate: 6S-7-JOS (Dodge 3700 GT)



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