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Joker Mask

Batman vs. Joker/Mask

Joker Mask is a comic book crossover featuring the Clown of Crime becoming the legendary, Mask. It was written by Henry Gilroy, Ramon Bachs, and Howard Shum, with art by Ramon Bachs, and published by Dark Horse and DC comics in 2000.


Joker and Harley Quinn obtain the legendary mask of Loki. Combining his own powers with one of the oldest relics in the world. He starts to become a TV superstar but Batman is nowhere to be found. But Harley Quinn becomes jealous causing her to hire Poison Ivy who angers Joker/Mask that he will set off a bomb that will destroy Gotham City. But the caped crusader has plans of his own.


  • Batman
  • Joker/Mask
  • Harley Quinn
  • Poison Ivy

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