Judge Faden
Judge Faden
General Information
Real name: Unidentified (Faden last name)
Aliases: None
Alignment: Bad
Affiliation: Possibly wife
Characteristics: Gender - Male
Portrayed by: Gerard Murphy
Appearances: Batman Begins

Judge Faden was a corrupt Gotham City Judge on the payroll of mob boss, Carmine Falcone. Falcone, who had shared a cell with Joe Chill, paid Faden off to make Chill's hearing public, which he did. Doing so, allowed one of Falcone's assassins to eliminate Chill. Faden was seen briefly at Falcone's headquarters, presumably off-duty. Batman later took a picture of Faden with a mistress and gave it to Rachel Dawes as leverage to prosecute Falcone.

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