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"Point and Shoot"
Justice League of America Vol 3-7.1 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Justice League of America
Issue Number: 7.1
First Published: September 4, 2013
Previous Issue: Justice League of America #7
Next Issue: Killer Frost #1


"Point and Shoot"Edit

Is it a death wish that makes Floyd Lawton put on the mask of Deadshot? Or is something more sinister pulling at Floyd when he becomes a relentless assassin who feels nothing for his victims? Discover the truth behind Deadshot’s secret history in this issue!


"Point and Shoot"Edit


  • Deadshot (Flashback and Main Story)
  • Floyd Lawton, Sr. (In Flashback Only) (Dies in this issue)
  • Marge Lawton (In Flashback Only) (Dies in this issue)
  • Jenny Lawton (In Flashback Only) (Dies in this issue)
  • Jimmy (In Flashback Only) (Dies in this issue)
  • Bobby (Dies in this issue)
  • Amanda Waller



  • Armor


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