The Justice Lords exist in a reality where Lex Luthor was elected President. This version of Luthor managed to capture and kill Flash (for unknown reasons). In retaliation, this world's Justice League stormed the White House, and Superman confronted Luthor. After a short altercation, in which Luthor frequently taunted Superman, Superman turned his laser-vision on Luthor, killing him. Superman, who has decided that this form of "justice" is more effective, and, with the help of the Justice League, he imposes martial law over the Earth, using the League as more of a dictatorial force than crime-fighters. The Justice League rebrand themselves the Justice Lords, and control everything on Earth, including election times and freedom of speech. 

Justice Lord Batman discovers the Earth in which the Justice League are, and they travel to this world, intending to impose the same iron-fisted hold they impose on their own world. They imprison the Justice League and Superman lobotomizes Doomsday. While a few are unsettled by Superman's actions, many commend the new direction the League seems to be taking. 

However, with the breakout of the Justice League, and the defection of the Justice Lord Batman, means that the League is able to capture the Lords, and, after a brief fight, subdue them. Now powerless, the Lords are sent back to their own universe. 

In the fight between the Luthor/Braniac hybrid, android replicas of the Lords are created, but are easily subdued by the League. 


  • In the Luthor/Braniac fight, an approximation of what the Justice Lord Flash may have been like. This character appears to resemble Reverse Flash.