Anatoli Knyazev, aka KGBeast was a mercenary and would-be member of the Suicide Squad.


Early lifeEdit

Anatoli Knyazev was a former member of the KGB in the Soviet Union, although he eventually became a mercenary.

At some point, he also encountered Batman, who proceeded to defeat him and left him in a trap. He was ultimately forced to sacrifice his left forearm to escape the trap via an axe, later replacing it with a cybernetic gun.

Assault on ArkhamEdit

Around the time Amanda Waller gave the order to call in the Suicide Squad, KGBeast had infiltrated a high-security American military base via airdrop from a cargo plane in a bike, and proceeded to use the side car as a missile to forcibly enter and attack the personnel. However, he was ultimately outnumbered, forcing him to surrender and also ending up unmasked as a result. He was then brought over to the Suicide Squad headquarters, and attempted to burst out when Waller arrived to greet them in person. He also tried to call her bluff about the trackers being rigged to self destruct, with Waller deciding to make an example out of him by telling him to leave. He ultimately realized too late that she was not bluffing at all as the bomb went off on his neck.


  • KGBeast is voiced by Nolan North, who had voiced the Penguin from the Arkham series.
  • Owing to his communist ties, his parachute when he attacked the base is emblazoned with the red star and hammer and sickle on the back, and the sidecar is emblazoned with a hammer and sickle on the front.
    • In addition, on the explosive contained in the sidecar, there are the Cyrillic letters "бензN".