Kabuki Twins
Kabuki Twins
General Information
Appearances: The Batman

The Kabuki Twins are The Penguin's henchwomen in The Batman.


The Kabuki Twins are both highly skilled martial arts combatants, who employ extended steel razor blades at the tips of their fingers. Very little is known about the Kabuki Twins other than that they came into the Penguin's employ during a sojourn in the Orient. Whether the bodyguards are actual twins or not has never been clearly established.

They also appear in The Lego Batman Movie, along with other villains.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Acrobatics: Both of them are extremely acrobatic and incredibly flexible.
  • Claws: They both have retractable claws where their fingers should be.


The BatmanEdit

"The LEGO Batman Movie"Edit

They also make an appearance in the Lego set "The Batmobile", along with Man-Bat.


  • They're mute.

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