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Batman 1989 - Lawrence
General Information
Real name: Unidentified
Alignment: Bad
Affiliation: The Joker (Boss)
Characteristics: Gender - Male
Hair - None
Eyes - Unknown
Portrayed by: George Lane Cooper
Appearances: Batman

Lawrence was one of the Joker's many henchmen.


Lawrence was a bald man with a handlebar moustache who worked for the Joker alongside his partner, Bob the Goon. This man carried the Joker's boombox as they defaced much of the artwork at the Flugelheim Museum (playing Party Man by Prince). He is usually seen wherever the Joker is, including going to Vicki Vale`s apartment (during this instance, he plays more romantic music).
Lawrence attacks Batman

Lawrence leaps at Batman

He was waiting for the Joker at the top of the Gotham Cathedral. He later crashed through the floorboards while trying to ambush Batman. It is unclear how far he fell after going through the floor.

Other AppearancesEdit

Lawrence appears in the 1989 Mega Drive/Genesis game, Batman (based on the film of the same name). In this game, he is encountered as a boss in the third stage (taking place at the Flugelheim Museum), which Batman must fight, while the Joker and Vicki Vale watch from a balcony. He appears mainly the same, complete with his boombox (which he uses as a weapon); however, instead of the standard Joker jacket, he is wearing a white muscle shirt. The 1990 video game adaption of the same film for the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 also features Lawrence. He is a boss in the final level at the Cathedral, the second after the Swordsman Joker Goon, who is trying to stop Batman from reaching the Joker (like in the film). Lawrence will attack Batman by twirling a hammer over his head once the Martial Artist Joker Goon is defeated (who will fall through the floor, leaving a hole). Upon being hit, he will be knocked back, and he will be defeated once he is pushed into the hole that the Martial Artist Joker Goon made (also like his death in the movie). His appearance is faithful to his film counterpart, however, he is using an Olympic-style hammer as a weapon.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Lawrence was played by George Lane Cooper.
  • In the Batman novelization it's revealed that the Joker had hired Lawrence (despite he's never called by name) from a 'Kung Fu Studio', along with the Gymnast Joker Goon and the Belltower Joker Goon. He's also referred to as "Steve-arino" in the museum scene, implying his name is Steve in the book.
  • In the comic book adaptation Lawrence gets knocked into the gymnast goon and they both fall down the bellower together and die.


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