Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor (The Batman)
General Information
Real name: Alexander Joseph Luthor
Aliases: Luthor
Portrayed by: Clancy Brown
Appearances: The Batman

Lex Luthor is a villain in The Batman.

History Edit

Lex Luthor is an enemy of Superman. He hires Metallo and equips him with his only piece of Kryptonite he has to defeat Superman, but is defeated by Batman. Luthor hires Black Mask and Clayface (Basil Karlo) to kidnap Lois Lane while he leaves for Gotham with Mercy Graves. While Superman, Batman, and Robin fight Black Mask and his henchmen, Clayface, Mr. Freeze, and Bane in order to rescue Lois, Lex Luthor captures Poison Ivy and mixes her mind controlling spores with the Kryptonite powder he already had. He uses it in Superman to become his personal slave. After Batman frees Superman from his control, both of them destroy his robots, overpower Lex Luthor and defeat him.


Season 5Edit

Voiced byEdit

  • Clancy Brown (English)
  • Joji Nakata (Japanese)
  • Esteban Garcia (Spanish)


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