"Do you have any idea who you're stealin' from?! You and your friends are dead!"
―Manager of Gotham National Bank[src]

The manager of Gotham National Bank defended himself and the Mob's funds from The Joker and his thugs with a shotgun during the robbery of Gotham National Bank.


The Dark KnightEdit

This man came under the employment of Gotham City's crime lords. He protected their laundered cash as the manager of Gotham National Bank.

He was surprised, but remained collected, when three men donning clown masks charged into his bank in an armed robbery. From a back office, the manager calmly removed his glasses and secured a sawed-off Remington 870 pump-action shotgun from underneath his desk. He shot through his office glass window, hitting Chuckles in the back and killing him instantly. Presumably, he also called Sal Maroni and the other Mob Bosses informing them of the robbery.

Bank manager 2

The manager attacks the Joker and his men with a pump shotgun.

The manager then made his way through the lobby, taking shots at Grumpy and the Joker (under the alias "Bozo"), who ducked behind counters, while yelling that the robbers are dead due to their attempt at stealing from the mob. In his scheme to kill off his men for all their collected cash, the Joker tricked Grumpy into believing that the manager had run out of ammo. When Grumpy stood to kill the manager he was grazed by buckshot. Discouraged, he ran to the vault.

With the manager's shotgun then unloaded, the Joker sprang up and shot him in the leg and abdomen. Shortly before the Joker left, the Manager chastised him about how he lacked honor, even by criminal standards, and questioned him what he believed in. The Joker then shoved a canister into the manager's mouth, and revealed his true identity, stating "I believe whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you - stranger". As the Joker drove off with the money and the manager's shotgun, a string attached to the Joker yanked the safety pin out of the canister in the manager's mouth. Instead of exploding, it released fumes of an unknown nature. It is unknown if the bank manager was killed.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Credited as "Bank Manager".
  • Going from the Joker's last line to him the Manager was likely not killed, and may have been left in a different mental state, either from a psychotic agent in the canister or from his brush with death.
    • Joker's last line to him was a paraphrase of Nietzsche's dictum "Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."
  • William Fichtner was previously involved in the film Heat, which coincidentally also had a bank robbery he was involved in as a major part of the film's plot.