Melody "Mel" McKenna is a Detective in the Gotham City Police Department who has a grudge against vigilantes.


McKenna is with her partner, Douglas Paulson, waiting for a murder suspect, Theodore Rankin, leader of the Brisby Killers, to wake up in a Gotham hospital, while Mirror storms the building, with the intent to kill the suspect. Mirror breaks into the room, killing McKenna's partner, and knocking her to the ground with a gun shot to her shoulder. Batgirl shows up to stop Mirror, but is unable to stop him from killing the suspect due to anxiety related to her past injury. Concussed, dazed, and confused, McKenna angrily points her gun to Batgirl, furious that she did nothing to stop Mirror. When Commissioner Gordon shows up McKenna becomes infuriated with him but after calming down demands a warrant for Batgirl. McKenna then spends her ordered time off to do research on Batgirl and she becomes obsessed with catching her.