For the American voice actor, see Michael Gough (voice actor).

Francis Michael Gough portrayed Alfred Pennyworth in Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.


  • Starred in Top Secret! with Batman Forever co-star Val Kilmer.
  • After appearing in Batman, Michael Gough would lend his talents to several more of director Tim Burton's films. Aside from reprising the role of Alfred in Batman Returns, Gough would also play a supporting role in 1999's Sleepy Hollow, playing a notary living in fear of the Headless Horseman. The film also featured Batman Returns co-star Christopher Walken. In 2005, he voiced the character of Elder Gutknecht in Burton's stop-motion feature, Corpse Bride. His final contribution to a Burton film was voicing the Dodo Bird in 2010's Alice in Wonderland.

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  • Michael Gough is one of two cast members (the other being Pat Hingle) to appear in all four of the Burton/Schumacher film series.
  • Micheal Gough also voiced Alfred for the BBC Radio One adaptation of Batman: Knightfall.
  • "To Mick-my butler, my confidant, my friend, my Alfred, I love you. God bless."
    - Michael (Mr. Wayne) Keaton (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

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