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General Information
Real name: Minerva (Last name unidentified)
Aliases: None
Portrayed by: Zsa Zsa Gabor
Appearances: Batman (1960s series)

Minerva is a villain in the Batman TV series. She was played by Zsa Zsa Gabor.


Minerva runs a health spa in Gotham City. She has been using her Deepest Secret Extractor which is disguised as a piece of spa equipment. With this, she pulls off a number of robberies, until Alfred goes under cover.

Although Batman, Robin, and Batgirl defeated her, Minerva went along quietly as she has plans to start a spa section at the local prison.

Known AssociatesEdit

Just as Batman and Robin do not go crime-fighting alone, Minerva needs fellow partners in crime to assist her with her malicious schemes.

  • Aphrodite (portrayed by Yvonne Arnett) - Minerva's female assistant.
  • Adonis (portrayed by William Smith) - Minerva's henchman.
  • Apollo (portrayed by Mark Baily) - Minerva's henchman.
  • Atlas (portrayed by Al Ferrara) - Minerva's henchman.
  • Freddy the Fence - Minerva's and Catwoman henchman.


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