Mirror, the homicidal maniac who kills in creative, gruesome ways, is Barbara Gordon's first enemy in her return to the role as Batgirl. He also kills people in ways that mirror things in their past.



Jonathan Mills was once a war hero and federal agent, but on a fateful night, where he escaped a car wreck in what can only be described a miracle, he survived only to watch his wife and children burn in the fire. Mills snapped, trying to jump back into the fire so he could die with his family, but was stopped by the paramedics on the scene. Sometime later, he returns to Gotham City to enact his twisted sense of retribution, by killing those who had also miraculously escaped death.

Mirror first clashed with Batgirl after she took down the Brisby killers but first he killed an old man. The old man had escaped a sinking ship and Mirror killed him using a hose. Mirror then showed up in a hospital. Mirror killed a policeman and then pointed the gun at Batgirl's spine in attempt to stop her. She froze and he killed the man he had come to kill. He happened to be the leader of the Brisby killers. He knows Batgirl's secret identity. She then followed him to a graveyard. After hearing his origin Batgirl realized he wanted to die not to kill. He had also planted a bomb on a train in order to kill a man. Barbara Gordon is on his list.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Acute Senses: While visiting The Hollows, he was able to hear Batgirl's breathing, despite the rain, while she was watching him from a nearby tree.