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Mister Toad
Mister Toad
General Information
Real name: Unknown
First Appearance: Batman and Robin #1 (August, 2009)
Created by: Grant Morrison
Frank Quitely
Affiliations: Circus of Strange
Abilities: Amphibious
Portrayed by: Udo Kier (Voice)

Mister Toad was a member of the Circus of Strange.


When Mr. Toad was on his way delivering domino blocks to his employer Professor Pyg, he was captured by the new Batman and Robin and was handed over to the Gotham City Police Department. He was later found dead in his cell clutching a domino block in his left hand.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Amphibious

In Other MediaEdit

Beware the BatmanEdit

See: Mister Toad (Beware the Batman)

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