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Mitch Grayson
Mitch Grayson
General Information
Real name: Mitchell Grayson
Aliases: Mitch
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: Mr. Grayson (father)
Mrs. Grayson (mother)
Dick Grayson (younger brother)
Characteristics: Gender - Male
Hair - Brown
Eyes -
Portrayed by: Mitch Gaylord
Appearances: Batman Forever
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Mitch Grayson was a member of The Flying Graysons, and Dick's older brother.


At some point during practice, Mitch's line snapped causing him to nearly plummet to his death however his younger brother Dick, swooped down and caught him. His father told Dick that he swooped in like a Robin and thus gave Dick his nickname and later his superhero name, "Robin". Dick even had a Robin emblazoned on his biker helmet.

Batman ForeverEdit

Mitch is present at the Gotham Charity Circus as the headliner act with his acrobatic family. When Two-Face and his thugs arrive to crash the party, the Flying Graysons try to defuse his bomb placed on the roof. However, Two-Face shoots a machine gun at the three (Richard is above the roof) and they fall to their deaths.


  • Mitch is played by Mitch Gaylord, the stunt double for Chris O'Donnell.
  • Mitch has been called with this name as an homage to the actor who portrayed him.
  • In the Teen Titans episode "X", there is a scene where Beast Boy shows his ideas of Red X's possible identities using an illustrated diagram, including a person labeled Long Lost Brother. He is depicted as a "super-deformed" version of Robin, only bald, with a pacifier in his mouth and a bindle. Since the animated series came nearly a decade after Batman Forever, it's likely a coincidence.

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