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General Information
Real name: Unidentified
Aliases: Robin
Appearances: Batman

"Reach Batman!"

Molly was the Riddler's assistant.


Nothing much is known about her except that she was the Riddler's personal assistant who appeared in the two parter: Hi Diddle Riddle/Smack In The Middle.

Batman met her at the discothèque called: "What A Way To Go Go!" and she drugged his orange juice.

While he was distracted, she and Riddler captured Robin and made a mask of his face to wear as a disguise for Molly.

Batman however saw through her disguise and after she was taken to the Batcave she climbed to the atomic pile that was used to power the Batmobile where she slipped and fell to her death.

The Caped Crusader was in great distress that he should have save her and says: "What A Way To Go Go."

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the MAD Magazine parody of the show, Robin says he has been able to use the spy cameras, which catches "Bats-Man's" attention as he thinks it some criminal nest, only to see a woman in a leotard and Robin says "the dressing room of Jill St. John! Holy 36-24-36!" "Bats-Man" promptly deactivates the camera.


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