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Monarch Theatre
General Information
Official name: Monarch Theatre
Created by: Anton Furst
Tim Burton
First Appearance: Batman
Country: United States of America
Locale: Gotham City

The Monarch Theatre is a theatre building located in Gotham City near Gotham Square.

It is perhaps best known for being the last location Thomas and Martha Wayne were seen alive in public before their deaths in an alley between Pearl and Phillips streets behind the theatre.


One night the Wayne family visited the Monarch Theatre to see Footlight Frenzy. After leaving the theater, the Wayne parents were murdered by Jack Napier.

Behind the scenes

Background Information and Notes

The design of the theatre was intended to be a dark hulk of a building that squashes any homeliness that otherwise might have been instilled by the surrounding pawnbrokers, snackbars and drugstores.


While originally named after the Monarch Playing Card Company; a name of the factory which contributed to Joker's birth in 1951, and used to contribute to the nature of Batman and the Joker being mirror images of each other for the film, the theatre became a prominent part of Batman's origin mythos for the comics and games.


  • The Gotham Globe headline reading telling of the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne was dated Thursday, October 26, likely placing the date of their murders on Wednesday, October 25.

In other media

Monarch theatre

Lego Batman: The Video Game

The Monarch Theatre appears in the first level of the game.

Batman: Arkham City

The Monarch Theatre appears inside Arkham City. The player can find it and go around to Crime Alley, located behind Monarch Theatre, to find two chalk drawings of Martha and Thomas Wayne. The player can pay their respects, a heart-touching scene in which the camera turns around a kneeling Batman which - if left to play long enough - unlocks an achievement. A tape can also be found, recorded by Hugo Strange, he comments about Bruce's parents and how he deals with their death by wearing the Batman costume.

The Theatre also serves as Batman, Joker, and Clayface's final showdown at the end of the game. It is revealed to be above a Lazarus Pit but its floor was destroyed during the fight. It is unknown what happened to the theatre after Arkham City closed.


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