Montague Kane was a con man who attempted to frame Zatanna.


Montague Kane was a man who framed magicians by revealing their tricks and became a con man. Revealing the magicians' tricks, Kane built an estate and he purchased a state of the aircraft in his love of aeronomics. However, he wasn't satisfied enough and hatched up a new plan.

Traveling through the world, Kane arrived to Gotham City in order to steal the money for a fund raiser. His plot involved sabotaging Zatanna's act by reflecting the plave with mirrors and, when nobody saw, take the money. Planning to leave Gotham with the money, Kane's downfall came when Batman helped Zatanna to stop him. After they kept Kane busy with a little tussle, Batman and Zatanna defeated him and gave the money back. He was later delivered to the authorities.


Batman: The Animated Series Edit

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