Mortimer Kadaver is a criminal with an obsessed with torture and death. He has fought Batman on many occasions.


Mortimer Kadaver is a murderous criminal possessing a morbid and sadistic obsession with inflicting pain and death. His hideout is filled with a wide variety of means of murder and torture, including an iron maiden, a guillotine, a hangman’s noose, and even a pool of quicklime. Kadaver enjoys feigning his own death by methods such as dressing as a vampire and emerging from a coffin, but he takes even more pleasure in meting out suffering and death to others who cross his path. He soon a deal once with The Penguin to put him in a hypnotic trance-like coma, causing prison doctors to confirm Penguin had died from a heart attack while working out in Blackgate Penitentiary's gym. Kadaver told the Penguin's men the password to bring Penguin out of his trance, but tricked the goons with a fake password, which they realized after digging the Penguin out of his grave, forcing them to break Kadaver out of prison. Kadaver allied himself with the Penguin to pull several heists, also taking out some of Penguin's rival mobsters in the process, crashing a drug deal between the Ventriloquist and the mob boss Rafael Santini. However, the Penguin double-crossed Kadaver and shot him several times with an umbrella gun, taking him for dead and escaping. However, Kadaver survived the injuries and vowed revenge on the Penguin, although he never had another known encounter with the villain again. Later, a convicted murderer named Derek Mitchell escaped from jail seeking vengeance on Kadaver for past wrongs, but was involved in an unfortunate accident on the way which turned him into a literally corrosive man, his entire skin burned with chemical fire which could eat through walls and floors or maim human flesh. His encounter with Kadaver left the latter with a handprint burned onto his forehead, although Kadaver survives and leaves Mitchell for dead.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kadaver possesses extensive knowledges of torture and death, he understands many different moves on how to kill slowly or extremely quickly. Kadaver is not a skilled fighter, although sometimes he uses death-associated weapons such as scythes.