"Oh... talk about you cold shoulder."
―Ms. B. Haven after she was rejected by Freeze.[src]

Ms. B. Haven was likely an alias for a woman who was employed by Mr. Freeze.


Ms. B. Haven hung around with Mr. Freeze's Snowy Cones Thugs. She was attracted to Freeze, but he turned down her advances on at least one occasion, and told Haven that he only had feelings for his wife, Nora.

She only appeared once and was never seen again, which assumed she was arrested after Batman and Robin had infiltrated Freeze's Hideout.


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  • Her name was obviously a play on "misbehavin".
  • The nature of Haven's duties remained unclear. She may have served as upkeep, as she was never seen in the film on missions, and it appeared that Freeze didn't reciprocate her advances.
  • In Lego Batman: The Videogame, one of Mr Freeze's Henchmen, Freeze Girl, bore a resemblance to Ms. B. Haven.