A man that served as one of Jack Napier's button men.


That man joined Napier on a mission to retrieve incriminating documents from Carl Grissom's business front, Axis Chemicals. His task was to open the office's safe with a cutting torch.

After he finished cutting through the safe, he stood back and removed his welder's goggles. Another hood opened the safe for Napier, and revealed that it was empty.

After the GCPD arrived to apprehend Napier, he returned gunfire with them.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • No scene indicated what became of that man. He may have been killed in the gunfight along with the other hoods.
  • The role of cutting torch operator, was not credited. Nothing really indicated who played that man.
  • He only appeared in one scene and had no lines in Batman. In the older draft of the script, he was known as "Safe Torch Operator" and had one line.