"Pure Insanity, Part Two"
New Suicide Squad Vol 1-2 Cover-1
General Information
Series: New Suicide Squad
Issue Number: 2
First Published: August 13, 2014
Previous Issue: New Suicide Squad #1
Next Issue: New Suicide Squad #3


"Pure Insanity, Part Two"

With the Suicide Squad taking heavy fire from robots, Amanda Waller and her superior Vic Sage desperately try to find out what's going on from the criminals in their employ. This proves more difficult than they'd like. With only one way out, Deadshot leads the way out, despite Vic's warnings that they have to listen to him. Upon reaching the ground floor, the squad emerges to find themselves surrounded.

Deathstroke, meanwhile, is also under attack, despite the fact that these robots were only ordered to bring him in alive. When he realizes that he is being offered a job, Slade shuts off his communicator with Sage and Waller, and hears out the pitch.

Annoyed by Slade's absence, Black Manta decides to take charge of the group, grabbing Joker's Daughter and sending Harley Quinn to retrieve Deadshot from his hiding spot. Curiously, Floyd wonders why Manta is trying so hard as he and Harley chase after. They hurry into the subway systems as Vic and Amanda argue over whether the mission is truly a failure or not.

Elsewhere, the Russian military argues over whether their Rocket Red Brigade is a success or not. Commander Anatoli Knyazev believes they are too cumbersome, and his team is required to finish the job.

Elsewhere, Slade learns that the Rocket Reds are merely part of a campaign to create an atmosphere of fear among Russia's enemies. He is intended to be the more subtle method of ensuring Russia endures. Slade refuses to commit to anything unless he hears the sound of money.

On the train, Manta has to separate Harley and the Joker's Daughter to keep them from fighting, insisting that they need to work as a team to get out of their situation. When the train goes dark and comes to a screeching halt, Deadshot snarkily demands what they should do next. Manta warns them to duck just as the train is riddled with bullets by Knyazev's men. However, the Suicide Squad is more savvy than he expects, and soon all of his men are down, and his superiors warn that the Rocket Reds are being sent in. At Deadshot's mercy, Knyazev warns that they all have to get out of there. Deadshot shoots him and walks away, but Knyazev retaliates with his own bullets. Angrily Deadshot fires back again, and crawls through the wreckage of the train to find the Rocket Reds causing havoc.


"Pure Insanity, Part Two"



  • Russia
    • Moscow


  • Harley's Hammer


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