"Night and the City"
Night and the City
General Information
Directed by: Brandon Vietti
Written by: Steven Melching
Series: The Batman
Season: 2
Episode: 13
Original Airdate: September 10, 2005
Previous Episode: "Strange Minds"
Next Episode: "Batgirl Begins, Part One"

"Night and the City" is the thirteenth and final episode of the second season of The Batman.


The Joker, the Penguin, and The Riddler battle over control of the city, until finally deciding to settle their differences by giving all of Gotham over to whoever is able to capture and discover the true identity of The Batman.

Voice Cast and CharactersEdit


  • The Joker and the Penguin encounter the Riddler for the first and only time in this episode. The Joker thinks that the Riddler is "stealing [his] shtick".
  • This is the final appearance of Ellen Yin and Angel Rojas and the last episode to use the intro from the first two seasons of The Batman.


Joker: I proclaim this street ‘Rictus Row’!
Penguin: It’s my hood, and it’s ‘Penguin’s Bird’!
Riddler: (suddenly appears) I prefer the ring of ‘Enigma Avenue’.
Penguin: (upon noticing the Riddler) Who are you?
Riddler: Call me... the Riddler.
Joker: ‘Riddler’? You stealing my shtick?
Riddler: I do riddles. I don’t tell jokes.

Previous episode: Next episode:
"Strange Minds" "Batgirl Begins, Part One"

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