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General Information
Real name: Richard Grayson
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham City (Detective Comics #38)
Created by: Bill Finger
Bob Kane
Affiliations: Batman
Abilities: Trained to physical and mental peak
Expert detective in all departments of criminology
Portrayed by: Quinton Flynn (voice)
"Don't let the pretty boy looks fool you. Nightwing here is tougher than he looks."
The Penguin[src]

Nightwing is a playable character in Batman: Arkham City. He is only available through DLC and does not impact the storyline.


Dick Grayson was part of a circus family, dubbed the "Flying Graysons" for their death-defying stunts and acrobatics. After a performance that Bruce Wayne attendended, as did Tim Drake, Dick was left as an orphan by the hands of the mob. Feeling sympathy for the child, Wayne decided to take the boy in as his own and treat him as family.

Eventually, Batman gained enough respect and trust for Grayson that he bestowed upon him the great secret, even going as far as to train the acrobat and develop a new sidekick, Robin. Through hard work of training and exercising, the duet was almost unstoppable.

Batman: Arkham Origins

See: Robin (Batman: Arkham Origins)

Batman: Arkham City

Tumblr ly0b3hXrdw1qeenqt

Nightwing investing the Abramovici Twins in the Arkham Unhinged storyline.

Nightwing was available as DLC as of November 1, 2011. He includes the playable character, his costume from The New Batman Adventures, and two additional challenge maps, Wayne Manor Armory (Combat) and Wayne Manor Main Hall (Predator). Whilst Batman and Robin are in Arkham City, Nightwing defends Wayne Manor from home invaders who are trying to ransack the mansion, taking advantage of the fact Bruce Wayne is incarcerated in Arkham City. He is playable on all other challenge maps also. Nightwing does not make an appearance in story mode, unlike all of the other playable characters.

Batman: Arkham Unhinged

Tumblr lvaozjFFNU1qeubngo1 500

Nightwing in issue 6 of the Arkham Unhinged digital comic.

At one point, Nightwing was attempting to search for the mad doc alongside Oracle. Nightwing and Robin also went after Black Mask and his gang when he escaped Arkham City.

Nightwing is seen alongside Batman investigating the mysterious Abramovici Twins, who he had heard stories about during his childhood as an acrobat. Alongside Batman, he concludes that Thomas Elliot performed their separation. In addition, Batman informed him that the Abramovici twins were separated and that Mister Hammer and Sickle were working with The Joker and The Penguin, respectively.

During Protocol 10, Hugo Strange also activated Protocol 9 and sent TYGER troops to attack Wayne Manor, but Robin and Nightwing fought them off.

Equipment and Abilities

Nightwing was taken under the wing of Bruce Wayne, and was given the mantle of Robin the Boy Wonder. To do so, he had to be trained by the Dark Knight himself. He was trained to physical and mental peak, being almost as trained as Batman. His strength is beyond most humans, barely falling under uncanny.

His gadgetry includes wrist darts, a stealthy way of taking down enemies. He only carries three darts at a time and they do not appear to regenerate over time. These darts are used in a first-person view. He uses two electric eskrima sticks, one for each hand, which can be thrown at opponents as a projectile weapon which ricochets up to hit the enemy, even around corners. Both sticks also have a shock feature on their tips. These are his trademark weapons, which he also uses in the comics. He also has a Batclaw, the Line Launcher, the Disruptor, Wing-Dings (stylized shurikens, essentially personalized batarangs), and Electric Blasts (similar to Explosive Gel, only quicker).

He lacks a cape and any other gliding mechanism built into his suit. As such he cannot glide in the game.


  • It can be assumed that during Catwoman's alternate ending that he perished defending Wayne Manor or that he was the one that Oracle was trying to contact during the attack, though this would be considered non-canon.
  • Though the character speaks no lines throughout the game or during Riddler Challenges it states that his voice actor is Quinton Flynn.
  • In the game, his batons can produce quick, focused bursts of electricity. This was originally unique to the game, as Nightwing's batons usually had no technological function; as of the New 52, however, this was made canon by the comic books.
  • The Robin outfit Dick wore in The Animated Series is a skin that can be worn by Robin In Challenge Maps and Harley Quinn's Revenge.


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