Nightwing vol1 logo
General Information
Type: Limited series
Total Issues: 4
Published: September 1995 - December 1995
Creators: Denny O'Neil
Greg Land


Dick Grayson as Nightwing. The original Boy Wonder finally saw his name on the marquee in this 4 issue mini series by writer Denny O'Neil and artist Greg Land. Still reeling from his time as Batman during the "Prodigal" storyline, Nightwing hung up his old costume, convinced that he was done with the hero game. Unfortunately, an ominous letter from the principality of Kravia brought him back to the frontline as he began to investigate a new detail of his parents death. Destined for a life of heroics, Grayson soon adopted a new blue and black Nightwing costume designed by Batman's mute mechanic / computer whiz Harold Allnut, and once again followed in his adoptive father's footsteps.


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