"Only Robins Have Wings"
General Information
Series: Nightwing
Year One
Robin The Teen Wonder
Issue Number: 101
First Published: March 2005
Previous Issue: Nightwing #100
Next Issue: Nightwing #102


"Only Robins Have Wings"Edit

Robin, trying to juggle the Titans, college, and a personal life, was late to an assignment with Batman. He was able to get rid of Clayface and help his partner save an infant. They fought over his ability to respond to the signal in time; Clayface got himself loose. Robin chased him into the sewers and stopped him. Back at the cave, Alfred welcome Dick home. Batman sent him away - he needed to talk to his partner. Due to his inability to give 100% to his "war," Batman fired him and ordered him to leave the costume behind.


"Only Robins Have Wings"Edit





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