"Friends in High Places"
General Information
Series: Nightwing
Year One
Issue Number: 102
First Published: March 2005
Previous Issue: Nightwing #101
Next Issue: Nightwing #103


"Friends in High Places"Edit

Dick went to the Daily Planet office in Metropolis to see Clark Kent. He was concerned to hear Batman had fired Robin. Kent disappeared when he heard trouble. Dick followed him without costume. Superman stopped a bombing attempt on the Presidential motorcade. Dick stopped a second bomber with Superman's help. Dick asked Superman for his thoughts. He told the boy about a Kryptonian superhero cast out of his family named Nightwing. After they talked, Dick went back to the circus. After taking down some thieves trying to make off with the gate, he asked for his job back. They asked him if he minded working with a partner and introduced him to their current trapeze act: Deadman. In the Cave, Alfred put the Robin costume on display. Batman was not impressed.


"Friends in High Places"Edit



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