"Night and the City"
General Information
Series: Nightwing
Year One
Issue Number: 104
First Published: April 2005
Previous Issue: Nightwing #103
Next Issue: Nightwing #105


"Night and the City"Edit

After seeing the Batsignal, Dick visited Commissioner Gordon in his new outfit. He introduced himself as Nightwing and convinced him they knew each other. Afterwards, he took down a pair of carjackers. When checking the driver, he noticed a tied-up person in the back seat. Batgirl came to the rescue when he was whisked away by the maniac driver. They got burgers and talked. She said he should introduce his new self around; they visited Joker in Arkham, Cobblepot's night club, and a few more hot spots. Batman built a tracking device into the new Robin costume so he could see where Jason was at all times.


"Night and the City"Edit



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