"Like Killing Two Birds"
General Information
Series: Nightwing
Year One
Issue Number: 105
First Published: May 2005
Previous Issue: Nightwing #104
Next Issue: Nightwing #106


"Like Killing Two Birds"Edit

Batman had Alfred get into a Two-Face disguise as a test for Jason. As they went out for part of his "gauntlet," "Dent" was spotted and ordered to be delivered to Killer Croc. Dick and Barbara set a "date" for surveillance that night. She didn't show. Thinking he'd been stood up, when he was actually set up, Nightwing encountered Robin. He followed his replacement, caught him, and tied him up. As he tried to call Babs, Jason got loose and sucker-punched him. Batman commed to tell Nightwing and Robin to find Alfred - the gauntlet was over.


"Like Killing Two Birds"Edit



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