"The Devil You Know"Edit

Dick told Deathstroke he was not under cover, and that he was no longer working with Batman. Slade somewhat believed him after hearing Dick talk about what had gone on in his life. He introduced Nightwing to his daughter and told him to teach her everything he knew.

He got into a new costume and took Rose out to snatch Sophia from the halfway house. She mentioned baby-sitting for Roy's daughter and mentioned one of her brothers. They got into the facility with no problem. As Nightwing left with Sophia, Ravager attacked a guard, which got the other kids in on the situation. Nightwing tossed a smoke bomb in the room and grabbed Ravager.

When on the ground, Dick got on to Rose for the unnecessary attack. He took the girls to Helena, who refused to take them in. She told him to take care of them and to call Barbara. Rose told her father about Sophia.


"The Devil You Know"Edit