"Cowboys and Indians"Edit

Nightwing hired some thugs to rough up Ravager, but she took them down rather easily. After they were KO'ed, he grabbed his roll of cash back. She questioned his motives. She called him "Deathwing" again, and he insisted she call him "Renegade" if anything.

He gave her a gown and they dressed up for a banquet. He pointed Lex Luthor out to her. Once they were in, he had her look for the most recent shipment of a component of the Venom serum. Oracle saw her looking for the drug and knew it was either Bruce, Tim, or Dick. After the party, they got back into their vigilante costumes (Dick still in the new red). Ravager soon got into it with a wannabe-Bane. While she fought him, Arsenal showed up. Two more Bane-to-bes attacked. After they were down, Dick took Roy down. He contacted Oracle and clued her in. The pair gave all the serum to Deathstroke.


"Cowboys and Indians"Edit