"The Gang's All Here"Edit

Nightwing, now working out of New York City, went after a kidnapper. As he gave chase, he thought about the old days of handing off bad guys to Commissioner Gordon's men. He grabbed the kidnapper and slit the man's throat while the victim watched. Dick Grayson woke up with a woman he'd met the night before. They exchanged pleasantries and first names. She called herself Cheyenne. She made him breakfast, and he left as another man entered the apartment. He roughed her up for having the "plumbing" fixed while in her bath robe. She blasted him with some sort of energy from her hand.

Dick wandered through town looking for a new apartment and was taken aback by the headlines - HERO OR MURDERER? NIGHTWING SEEN IN NYC. As he read through it, Clancy - an old friend from Bludhaven recognized him. They talked, she was now a psychiatrist. She knew the girl he was with as Cheyenne Freemont - a fashion designer.

He found a studio loft before going out after the impostor. While out, he, as Nightwing - now sporting a utility belt and a band around his right thigh, took down a patient trying to get at Clancy. He told her it wasn't him who'd been killing people. After making sure she was safe and getting an invite to a session, Nightwing got at a brother duo who was roughing up a man. He was taken aback that they were metahuman and tossed from the rooftop. The other Nightwing caught him.


"The Gang's All Here"Edit