"Pleased to Meet You - Hope You Guess My Name!"Edit

The metahuman Pierce brothers watched as two Nightwings confronted each other. After firing a few shots, they let them go. Dick and Jason fought it out on a rooftop. Jason continually called him "partner," and told him he knew about the Blockbuster situation. He also knew about Cheyenne. He cut Dick's hand and ran off.

The next morning as Dick doctored his hand, he heard a radio report about the Nightwing sighting - the vigilante had become tops on the NYPD most wanted list. There was even footage of him gunning down a gang banger. He went out to find Cheyenne and ended up mistakenly becoming one of her models. After the shoot, he found her in her office looking at footage of Nightwing (Jason) and sketching his costume. They got cozy in one of her secret rooms. Later that night, Dick stopped Jason from killing a guy and was spotted by. Cheyenne had to turn down the advances of Barry Pierce as she was introduced to Jason Todd.


"Pleased to Meet You - Hope You Guess My Name!"Edit