"Yours, Mind, and Ours"Edit

A shipment of game consoles and computers was hijacked. Nightwing (Jason) took one of the men at gunpoint. He blew his head off and threw a knife into the throat of another. Nightwing (Dick) appeared and began battling it out with the impostor. The Pierce brothers watched security camera footage with one of the survivors.

Dick (in costume) visited with Clancy as the Pierce brothers spoke with their "expert." Dick told Clancy about Jason and that he was supposed to be dead - twice. Both believed Jason idolized Dick to an unhealthy extent. Jakob, the Pierce hire, believed the "real" Nightwing had a relationship with the other, and that he was purposely holding back. He was hired to catch the fake in order to trap the real one.

The morning papers ran a cover story on the twin vigilantes. Cheyenne changed gears on her afternoon show - superheroes would be the theme. Dick was asked to model her Nightwing costume. He reluctantly agreed, but flipped out when he was cheered on by Jason Todd during the show. He leapt off the runway at Cheyenne's date. The audience loved it, thinking it was part of the show. Jason threatened Dick's friends were he to take him in.

After Dick quit, Cheyenne went looking for him. Using her powers, she broke into his apartment and found Nightwing leaving through his window. While she watched, Jason called and left a message on his machine describing a crime scene. Jakob stood above Todd while the real Nightwing went after the robbers. Cheyenne intervened and almost got one of the men killed. She left telling him he could trust her. Dick watched as Jakob morphed into a monster and attacked Jason.


"Yours, Mind, and Ours"Edit